Frequently asked questions

When should I book?

Book online for delivery within 4 to 6 weeks, as soon as your leaflet arrives with us the clock is ticking. We will confirm delivery dates by email.

For Bespoke or Publication Distribution delivery, this will be discussed at the planning stage.

Can my leaflet drop delivery be quicker?

Of course, many deliveries are completed within a week or two. However online prices are based on shared delivery and we will schedule your leaflets at the next available slot. Sign-up to our e-news for offers and available dates.

How many leaflets will I need?

We are very flexible in our approach, the minimum delivery is 1000 leaflets meaning you can target a specific area however our distribution region spans 150,000 households and we can cover this area over a 60 day period. The household numbers we give are approximate and based upon Royal Mail Post Code data and are subject to change.

What if I book print and design?

If we are printing your leaflets for distribution please allow additional lead time of up-to 7 working days. If we are designing please leave longer. Call to discuss with our design studio 01243 555703. And of course you don’t need to have distribution to take advantage of our great print prices, order online today.

Do you deliver to every home?

We certainly try but we are only human and we respect homeowners wishes as some homes have signs saying no leaflets, others maybe a loose dog or building work’s. Every distributor is GPS tracked and those maps are verified by the team leader at the end of the delivery to ensure completion. If you feel a mistake has happened, we welcome open dialogue, in fact we encourage it to keep our good name in tact.

What kind of response should I expect?

This is very dependent on households needs at the time of delivery, what you are offering and is whether your offer is clear. We want you to use our service again and again, your hits to rise and to gain footfall but we do not guarantee or imply any response to your marketing material. However we do work with you to try and isolate your target areas to ensure your campaign falls through the right doors.

Who makes the deliveries?

We are very proactive at My Leaflet Drop and we all make deliveries even the team leaders! We have 3 team leaders managing our current team of 18 foot soldiers who are trained, skilled, professionals, living local to the area they deliver within, adhering to our delivery ethics strict code of conduct.

How do I know delivery has taken place?

Most of the leaflets we deliver are for local companies so no doubt you will be keeping an eye out or asking people to do so on your behalf however you don’t need to, our team of distributors carry GPS trackers and at the end of the delivery these are verified and checked by the team leader to ensure the route is completed. Our teams often keep a note of any non deliveries which we can check against the tracking report.  We don’t usually supply these GPS maps as we use them to ensure we are doing a good job, if we notice any missed streets we’ll pop back or make a note for future reference.

Queries and complaints

These are taken extremely seriously and we ask as soon as you have a query or complaint to contact us so if an error is being made we can put it right or if after distribution has been completed we can speak with those involved and review the GPS maps again.  Please note we only keep GPS tracking maps for a set period before being deleted. Terms and conditions apply and are available upon request.